Am I entitled to tax-free?
I am a resident in the Canary Islands, Ceuta or Melilla
How do I apply for a tax-free form?
Is there a minimum purchase amount?
I have a study or temporary work visa and I will be in Europe for several months, can I apply for tax-free?
On which products can I apply for tax-free?
If I am travelling in several EU countries, how do I go about the tax-free procedure?
European Commission Guide


I have a tax-free form, what is the procedure to validate it at Customs?
I have a stamped form, how do I get the refund?
Where can I get my refund in the city?
Advanced Refund. How does it work?
I have made purchases in several EU countries, where do I have to validate my forms?
I made some purchases in Spain (or another country), and I will stop in another city before returning to my country, where do I have to validate and where can I collect my tax-free?
The shop did not give me the printed form, what can I do?
I have stamped forms from previous trips, and I am going back to Europe, can I collect them at any office?
I want to receive the refund by transfer to my bank account, how should I do this?
Customs machines were not working, how to validate the form?
I sent my forms to another tax-free company


I want to offer tax-free services in my store. How does it work?
Which countries are eligible for tax-free?
Is there a minimum purchase amount to issue tax-free?
I need envelopes – brochures / stickers / displays / tax-free rolls
Problems accessing your account or technical issues?
Do you need to change any information about your business or do you have any questions about invoicing?

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