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Request your Tax-Free document
Normal rate: 20%
Reduced rate: 10%
Super-reduced rate: 5,5%
Minimum purchase: 100€


Tourists have a period of three months
to stamp the Tax-Free document
before leaving the European Union


Cash in your Tax-Free documents in cash
at our refund locations or
through a credit card.
You have a period of 6 months from the date
of purchase to cash in the refund.



Pablo Digital Stamping System

All businesses must work with the PABLO system to process Tax-free documents in France. As of 1 January 2014, Tax Free documents must be electronic and connected to the French customs PABLO system.

INNOVA TAXFREE FRANCE has adapted all its services to this new system that is intended to improve service to tourists who enjoy the Tax Free service.

The tourist can validate his/her Tax-Free documents for purchases in France using the digital stamp of the “PABLO” system directly, with no need to go to the customs department offices

Where can they find an interactive terminal for the “PABLO” system?
They are generally found near the customs offices located in the exit locations from French territory (international airports, seaports and land boundaries).

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The validation terminals will remain operational 24 hours




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