Request your Tax-Free document
Normal rate: 21%
Reduced rate: 10%
Super-reduced rate: 4%


Tourists have a period of three months
to stamp the Tax-Free document before
leaving the European Union


Claim your tax-free documents in cash
at our refund points or by credit card.
The tourist have 4 years from the day of the
purchase to obtain your refund.


Sistema DIVA Hacienda


The DIVA Digital System

The Tax Agency has introduced a new electronic system to facilitate the refund of VAT to travellers (‘tax free’) not resident in the European Union. The new procedure, called ‘DIVA’, will allow travellers to streamline the procedures of sealing the documents required for the refund of the tax on leaving the territory of application of VAT. In addition, businesses that use the system will gain in security and traceability, since the documentation will be added directly to the database of the Tax Administration.

  1. Find the digital DIVA stamping machines and place the Tax-Free document under the bar code reader. Only Tax Free documents that include the word DIVA can be validated in this machine. If your document is not marked with the word DIVA, you must go to the Customs official.

  2. Once you have obtained the Customs stamp, you can claim your refund on your credit card or in cash at any of our refund locations at airports.


Download airports with DIVA Download DIVA handbook


The validation terminals will remain operational 24 hours




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