Solicite o seu documento tax-free
Taxa normal: 20%
Taxa intermédia: 10%
Mínimo de compra: 75,01€


O turista tem um prazo de três meses
para carimbar o formulário tax-free,
antes de abandonar a União Europeia.


Reembolse os seus formulários tax-free em numerário
nos nossos pontos de reembolso
ou mediante cartão de crédito.
Tem um prazo de 6 meses, desde o dia da
compra, para obter o seu reembolso.



Sistema de Certificação  Digital PABLO

The all-in-one solution for you

Independent from the used Taxfree provider or merchant, every purchase for you as a tourist made in any EU member state, will be processed in a single step.
All happens digitally in real-time to ensure a fast and efficient process for you!

And this is how to get your refund:

  1. Validate your tax-free forms at eValidation
  2. Cash your refund at the airport location
  3. Or claim your refund on your credit card or Alipay account to save time and money.

All tourists can pre-register any documents at the larger land-side counters (T1, T1A, T3) to be faster when completing validation for hand-carry airside (C,D,F,G).

If tourists pack all purchases in check-in luggage it is a one-stop service landside – they must come prior check-in to us, then proceed directly to check-in and drop luggage. 

Our process starts without requirement of having the luggage-label, a flight confirmation, online-ticket-confirmation, booking confirmation is enough to get the service.


Onde estamos:

Telefone:+ 43 (720) 022281

Email: info@innovataxfree.com

Contacte-nos para mais informação